LAHORE The first Legends Classic Golf event will pitch 16 amateur golf players with handicaps ranging between 4 and 18 belonging to Lahore against 16 amateurs from Karachi, and the battle between these two teams gets underway from Saturday, February 27 at the par 72, immaculate Royal Palm Golf Course. Format of this classic is scrambles match-play on the first day and four ball match-play and singles match-play on day two. A total of 32 points are at stake and the team acquiring 16.5 points or more will be the title winner. For sheer excitement and chivalry this golf event carries a unique touch as golfers get into a fierce combat to earn honors not for self but for the team they represent. This two days competition promises to demonstrate the eternal value of playing as a team and as the contest progresses, it is likely to test every human faculty of the participating contestants. At stake may be just a trophy, a glittering one though, the rivalry will set in motion considerable intensity that is bound to result in excellent shot making and some breathtaking work on the greens. The captain of the Karachi team, Imran Habib feels that such competitions are bound to help in spotting talent and at the same time simplify the path for talented players. Asad IA Khan, Vice President, Sindh Golf Association and a member of the executive committee of Pakistan Golf Federation, expressed the hope that this interaction will enhance the bondage between players from Sindh and Punjab. Captain of Lahore team, Haroon Arshed looks forward to golfing excellence during the competition and hopes the contest will be gripping. All participants are worthy and gifted and will be using that extra bit of energy and effort to make this event a success. As for the arena, the Royal Palm Golf Course looks dazzling and Ramzan Sheikh, CEO of RPGCC hoped that aspirants from Karachi will have exceptional rounds of golf. The Lahorites of course know this course well and have a special liking for it. The event will tee off at 10 am on Saturday. Teams: Lahore Team: Amir Mehmood, Sardar Murad, Azfar Hassan, Shoaib Shams, Tariq Rehman, Haider Malli, Sherjeel Awan, Usman Cheema, Haroon Arshad, Ramzan Sheikh, Faisal Syed, Arif Saeed, Mohammad Leghari, Rizwan Ata, Samir, Shaoib Sethi. Karachi Team: Aly Rana, Rizwan Feroz, Mansoor Teli, Imran Habib, Asad I Khan, Navaid Ali, Yasir Zaidi, Muhammad Iqbal, Altaf Hashwani, Nadir Leghari, Sadiq Feroz, Abid Sayeed, Adil Haji, Arshad.I.A.Khan, Khalid Jamil, Pervez Ansari