“America must intervene in Balochistan and stop the ethnic cleansing of Baloch people, we would also welcome Indian intervention,” was the resounding voice of Brahamdagh, echoing in the Quetta Press Club on Feb 22 as media persons listened with rapt attention to the telephonic address of the 30-year old Baloch separatist leader from an undisclosed abode in the country of his exile. Whatever the reasons are, does it suit to Baloch honor and pride to invite another nation, including the arch rival neighbouring India, to step into their land and help them against their own brothers and even Baloch people sitting at Centre in various capacities either in the ministries or within the military? Do you think you and your families, your mothers and sisters, your wives and daughters would feel comfortable with the Indians and Americans’ present among you? As I know our Baloch culture does not permit our women to come in the open for years and years; a girl who takes refuge in the Nawab’s haveli for social reasons, never ever comes out in the light till her death. Hardly a woman is allowed to take bath in months. Even the men are not allowed by the Sardars to work as hard as to expand their businesses, but only to restrict to the earnings that meet their day to day livings. The Sardars do not allow young people to ride even a motorbike, lest they go far and someone infuses in them awareness against the rule of the Nawab. The sardars have the art of spread myths about them through their own appointed mullahs and bone-foretellers, one of which was about the Sardar of Bugti tribe that he alone is bestowed with the power of 40 Mystics.

I believe Brahamdagh’s call for foreign intervention is not only unusual and against the Baloch pride and honor, but also on the lines of the foreign countries’ set agenda to which he maybe a tool. It is important to end the issues of missing persons, forced disappearances and target killings, but it is also important to play the part of our role as a government, as a civil administration and society in the province. Why the civil dispensation in Quetta has not so far called the session of Provincial Assembly to at least condemn the US Congressional Resolution on Balochistan? Instead the other provinces’ assemblies have done it so. Where has gone the political leadership here? Who has created a wider gap and vacuum on the political front here? 

This we have to realise if FC is called to barracks who will replace it? Police or Levies? Both are under the Sardars’ control, both use them for their own purposes. They are being considered as the Sardars’ private armies. With them they continue doing smuggling and other businesses. The writ of state is always missing because the people at helm of affairs and those who call the shots are not willing to give peace a chance. Another important point is the Sardars are threatened by the youth under Dr Ala Nazar and other leaders who do not pay heed to feudal lords. At least the Sardars were a continuation of Baloch tradition. The youth spearheading the uprising are mostly unknown and a number of new faces are seen among their ranks, who seem to be aliens. We the people here would prefer to have freedom from the clutches of Sardars and those playing in the hands of enemies, but not an independence from Pakistan.


Dera Rojhan Jamali, February 23.