According to an article ‘Secret US cable warned about Pakistani havens’ by Greg Jaffe and Greg Miller, published in Washington Post on February 24, the US Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan C. Crocker sent a cable to Washington last month, warning that the persistence of enemy havens in Pakistan was placing the success of the US strategy in Afghanistan in jeopardy. The fact is that the Americans took in hand too big a job and due to earlier, costly and disastrous misadventure in Iraq, they are unable to commit adequate resources to the mission. They also ignored the fact that the mighty USSR sitting right next door and having committed much larger resources could also not keep the valiant Afghans down for too long and had to withdraw ultimately. Obviously, in these circumstances there was no way they could score an outright victory but they are loath to admit that and have found a scapegoat in the form of Haqqanis operating from safe havens in Pakistan. Come to think of it, suffering humiliating defeat is nothing new to the Americans: they met the same fate in Vietnam, despite having committed 550,000 US soldiers there at the peak of the war, and they had scapegoats even then. 

And then, according to Geo News, US State Department Spokesman Mark Toner says that those Pakistani Taliban who were involved in attacks on Americans/Afghans are not welcome to truce talks. That is as stupid as one can get. If you want to end a war, you talk with formidable adversaries and not with those who are no more than minor irritants and do not matter much. Just shows what sort of jokers are running super power America.


Karachi, February 26.