What purpose does Election Commission of Pakistan serve when you see images of gross irregularities during By elections conducted in various parts of country on 25 Feb. A lady candidate physically beating up staff deputed by Election Commission was shown by major television stations, while armed hooligans were shown harassing common citizens outside polling stations, while police stood by. In Mardan, so-called followers of a party which professes itself to be party of the man known as Frontier Gandhi, were shown firing automatic weapons in air, within premises of party office. As if this was not enough a supporter of our democratically elected PM's son, contesting for a seat in Multan, was seen on television networks firing in jubilation. If this is an indicator of how coming general elections will be conducted, than God Almighty have mercy upon us. All these election results should be cancelled and those guilty of crimes committed and shown by major television channels must be given exemplary punishments. You cannot expect government servants deputed for election duty to stand up and ensure conduct of fair polls, if the CEC and law enforcement agencies are to behave in the shameful manner that they did.


Lahore, February 26.