ISLAMABAD – “I have given atomic bomb to a nation that could not produce a needle,” said Dr Abdul Qadir Khan on the occasion of its party’s formal alliance with Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan here on Tuesday.Tehreek Tahafaz-e-Pakistan (TTP) of Dr Qadir and Jammat-e-Islami Pakistan have decided to jointly fight the coming elections and provide the nation an alternate honest leadership. Dr Qadir on the occasion said that nation that named him “Mohsin e Pakistan” should stand by him and he will not disappoint them as he didn’t in the past.He said that he wanted to block the way for the thieves, dacoits and loan defaulters those entered the Parliament claiming they have mandate given by people of Pakistan. Pakistan is a nuclear state and its people are suffering like backward African countries, he said.He also said that the nation must honour its title “Mohsin e Pakistan” given to him and it should prove that it really trusts him like always. He said that they were not claimant of large-scale change in Parliament but they will for sure send some of their elected representatives in the Parliament those will prove that they can bring the real change in the society.Chief Jammate-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan on this occasion said that Mutihada Quami Movement has hijacked the voter lists in Karachi so at least Chief Election Commissioner should ask for Army’s help for the marking of constituencies in the city.He further said that the country desperately needed a corruption-free society and a leadership that could address the grievances and problems of people of Pakistan. “We have decided to free the country from the clutches of feudal and dacoits so we, along with the support of Dr Qadir, will organise and sensitise the public opinion. He also said that the nation must revisit its attitude towards the use of its vote as it is so precious tool to change the fate of the country. “We will light the candles in the darkness prevailing at the moment and jointly with the Dr Qadir, we will move forward to our goals and will crop up optimism in the society”, he articulated.Chief Election Commissioner is an honest person but his role is disappointing in delimitation process in Karachi and verification of voter lists in the city. Munawar Hassan said that EC should implement both of Supreme Court’s decisions regarding Karachi city with the help of Pakistan Armed Forces.MQM has kept hastage the whole electoral process in Karachi and Chief Election Commissioner would have to take serious action to solve this grave issue. He also pointed out that American intervention in Pakistan’s internal matters is increasing every day and this is not our war that we are fighting against so-called terrorism. Dr Qadir Khan on the occasion said that the one who win the election start advertising public mandate for 5 years. He said that mandate does not mean to do whatever the public representative wants but it is given to maintain rule of law in the country and good governance.