KARACHI – Threat of ethnic violence is looming in the City, where such forces have reportedly planned to put the port city into an ethnic warfare to increase their network.

Uncertain political situation and recently upraising skirmishes between the rival groups are pointing towards an extreme bloodshed in future.

It is worth mentioning here that tension gripped the Old City areas as Muttahida Qaumi Movement and Pakistan People’s Party parted their ways. The gun battle was continued in Kharader and surrounding areas where Lyari gangsters are intermittently attacking to enhance territorial boundaries.

Katchi community have had suffer the atrocities of gangsters, residents said.

Residents of the area alleged that law-enforcement agencies could not arrest or take action against the gangsters because of the political and non-political influence.

Sources cited the murder of notorious gangster Rashid alias Rekha during an encounter with rangers in the remits of Baghdadi police station. After the three-day gun battle between the rival groups, heavy contingent of rangers reached the area and came under attack, sources said, adding that rangers resorted to firing in retaliation of the gangsters firing and killed Rekha.

It has been reported that rangers managed to arrest at least dozen gangsters, including notorious gangsters Shehzad alias Comrade and Jabbar alias Jango.

Sources pointed out that Jango and Comrade got clean chit and roaming freely in the area while Rekha who had shifted his loyalties from Arshad Papu gang to Baba Ladla gang a couple of years ago was shot dead in mysterious circumstances.

They revealed that Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla, head of the dominating Lyari gang managed to lash out rival gang of Arshad alias Papu with the help of former home minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza.

Police official wished to be anonymous pointed out that not a single gangsters affiliated with Ladla gang have been arrested so far in last five years. He said that rangers had conducted similar raid and killed two gangsters and arrested notorious gangster Shahid aka MCB and others after an encounter in which a ranger man was also wounded, a couple of years ago. But government of Sindh gave rupees one million compensation to the families of the victim gangsters and also released MCB on personal surety bonds.

Ethnic tension winds up in most of the areas of the City where agencies have warned about the possible attack on the business community.

In a statement issued, intelligence agency indicating the authorities concerned that Lyari gangsters have planned to target the traders of auto parts market known as Plaza located at MA Jinnah Road like they did in Shairshah market couple of years ago.

It is worth mentioning here that PPP is trying to regain the control of Lyari although Lyari gangsters were not under the influence of the PPP and outside players are using them for their illegitimate objectives.