ISLAMABAD - The present government has an intense desire to see Balochistan prosper which is only possible if the children of Balochistan, especially girls are motivated and educated.

This was stated by Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf while addressing the third session of Prime Minister’s Scholarship Programme for talented students of Balochistan at PM House on Tuesday.

Dilating on the importance of education the Prime Minister said that not only Islam lays great stress on education but it is also essential for leading a successful life.

Praising the confidence of the students, the prime minister said that he was pleased with the performance of girls who had come from far-flung and remote areas of Balochistan and were being educated in the finest schools in Islamabad.

Addressing the girls from Balochistan the prime minister said “You are not only a pride of Balochistan but also Pakistan”. He urged the girls to seek more education so that they could move forward in life.

Acknowledging the efforts of Begum Shahnaz Wazir Ali, special assistant to the Prime Minister, he said that he wanted to place on record her role and those who have played their role in the education of girls from Balochistan.

The Prime Minister accepted the demand of the children to increase their stipend from Rs. 750 per month and increased it to Rs. 1500 per month.

Earlier Ms Shaistha Pirzada Principal of the school apprised the Prime Minister that 37b young girls from remote areas of Balochistan were presently benefiting from the Prime Minister’s Programme. The fact that their parents consented to allow them to travel to Islamabad is an indication of the cultural change in Balochistan and a yearning in them to educate their children, she added.

Ms Sara Khalid a student speaking on the occasion said that she belonged to Pashin and had never traveled before. She pledged to work hard and pay back the country by passing on the knowledge.