Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) has warned the government that if it does not immediately shift its under-trial militants from the high-security Anti Terrorism Force (ATF) Jail in Quetta Cantonment to the Central Jail Hudda in the provincial metropolis, it should get ready to face another suicide assault by its ‘Fidayee’ attackers on the ATF prison. The threat was hurled by Abu Bakar Siddiq, the spokesman of the LeJ’s Baluchistan chapter, in a phone calls he made after the February 16 Alamdar Road suicide bombing in Quetta which killed Shia Hazaras.

One really wonders what is stopping the government and the judiciary from holding speedy trials of these militants and hang them in public, if found guilty. This is the only way to deter any future attacks on innocent people.


Islamabad, February 21.