PESHAWAR - In order to have formal consultation over caretaker setup in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti met Opposition Leader in KPK Assembly Akram Khan Durrani here on Tuesday.

Hoti visited Hayatabad, where he held a meeting with Durrani at his residence. The meeting lasted for about one hour, where various names came under consideration approved by ANP and PPP and JUI-F for the caretaker setup in the province. 

The very first meeting over the caretaker government was reportedly held in a pleasant environment and they agreed to finalize the caretakers for the purpose.

Later, talking to media persons, Hoti said that he contacted the opposition leader on caretaker chief minister and cabinet in the province.

He said that it was his first consultation with Durrani over the issue, and from eight to 10 proposed names were discussed during the meeting. However, reaching consensus, it will take a little time, as so far, they have held only one meeting in this regard.

The CM said that the meetings for consultations over the caretaker chief minister would keep continued, adding that it was not an issue to be resolved in just a single meeting.

Amer Haider Hoti said that they would agree on a name with consensus.

He said that he had also consulted PPP over names for caretaker setup in the province and the names PPP had given are also backed by the ANP. There is no deadline in politics and a clear timeframe existed in the Constitution on caretaker setup, he added. He hoped that they would reach a consensus before the expiry of the sitting government.

Talking to media persons, Akram Khan Durrani thanked Chief Minister Akram Khan Durrani for visiting his residence and said that he kept alive traditions of the province, and it was remarkable.

He said that KPK has different traditions as compared to other provinces and it was a good omen, which reflected that both parties in government and opposition wanted to work for the welfare and development of the people of the province.