ISLAMABAD – Rather than taking actions against the terrorists and members of extremist religious organisations, Punjab police harassed the workers of Pakistan Tehreik-i-Insaf and sabotaged intra-party polls.

Addressing a huge number of charged party workers, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday condemned the Punjab government for sabotaging the PTI’s intra-party polls in Rawalpindi, stating that terrorists were allowed to roam freely across Punjab province but Punjab police were being used to sabotage the PTI polls and the party’s electoral offices were being sealed.

“Sharifs harmed the democratic system by indulging in corrupt practices, promoted lotacracy and by supporting Zardari regime. Nawaz Sharif is hell bent to reach the power corridors at all costs. He is ready to forge electoral alliances with banned outfits and even going with the Maulana Fazlur Rehman,” said Imran Khan, adding that now the Sharifs wanted to sabotage the intra-party polls being held in across Punjab.

Imran blasted Sharifs for using Punjab police to disturb PTI’s intra party polls and claimed that Sharifs lead Punjab government was suffering from PTI-phobia and they are crossing all limits of decency.

“They are afraid of the PTI. This is the party which is working to introduce real democracy in Pakistan,” Imran said while addressing huge number of party workers who reached PTI’s central secretariat Islamabad on Tuesday to participate in intra party election.

Imran Khan made it loud and clear that Punjab police should not be blamed for this ugly, irresponsible and immature move, rather it was actually the Punjab government, which was responsible for this act. “It is responsibility of the police to restore law and order and to ensure protection to life and property of the people in the country, but in total contradiction to it, the Punjab police have resorted to sabotage the holding of the PTI polls without any reason,” he added.

Khan said that the PML-N wreaked havoc with the country by doing massive corruption during the past five years and now it was suffering from tsunami-phobia due to which it was leaving no stone unturned to bar the PTI from holding intra-party polls.

“As the PTI is going to introduce new culture in the country politics by holding intra-party elections, which turns to be a nightmare for leadership of other dynastic political parties that never hold the party polls, fearing that the workers of their respective parties may start pointing fingers at them for not holding party polls,” Imran added. 

Imran Khan warned that the dynastic parties and their aristocratic leadership must bear in mind that the PTI would put an end on the cooked and rotten culture of bringing their children in the politics and ruling the country turn-by-turn.   He said that the intra-party polls would be held on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan felicitated the party workers on successful completion of the second phase of the intra-party polls in Punjab Province, stating that a bright and dazzling future awaits the PTI and soon the dark nights of atrocities and brutality would be over and a new era would usher when the plunderers and burglars would run to save their skins.

“This should not be taken as a tiny achievement. This is a great achievement as despite all odds, the PTI has ushered a true democracy by holding the party elections. The PTI workers have proved the difference between people with autocratic mindsets in the garb of democrats and the true democrats who take practical steps to bring in democratic order within their own party. The credit goes to you all,” said Imran Khan.

Expressing his concerns and surprise over the election commission of Pakistan (ECP) for accepting “dummy elections” held by some political parties, he said that no elections were held by those parties and mere nominations had been made.

“There was no election and all nominations were made in closed-doors by a handful of people. These were not elections and rather were selection and nominations. Such elections are actually a part of the rotten political culture, which has taken Pakistan on the verge of a collapse,” he said and added that the whole world laughs off when such politicians who don’t hold party elections actually talks about democracy.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, taking notice of the highhandedness and alleged violence meted out against the media persons during PTI’s intra-party polls in Gunjranwala, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Election Commissioner Hamid Khan Advocate has said that the party chief Imran Khan has ordered immediate probe into the incident which would submit its report within 24 hours and disciplinary action would be taken against those found involved in the incident. In a statement issued here on Tuesday, Hamid Khan said that those involved in the violence would not be spared and they would be made example for others.

“The PTI chairman Imran Khan has constituted a committee and directed to submit report to him in this regard within 24 hours, so that stern disciplinary action could be taken against whosoever involved in the incident,” he added.

“The party’s election commission will take stern actions against all found involved in creating chaos and disorder in intra-party polls anywhere in the country,” Hamid Khan vowed.