Anwaar Aftab

VEHARI - In spite of being popular and having a large vote bank, the PML-N’s strong position in district Vehari is weakening due to intra-party differences, it is learnt.

Sources said that PML-N leader Tehmina Daultana wants hold at both NA-168 and NA-169 constituencies therefore she has started an election campaign for her son Irfan Daultana at PP-234. But it is not confirmed that the party would award him a party ticket. Nevertheless, the people have fed up with the political style of Tehmina. Two weeks ago, she went to Karachi to meet her cousin Shahida Daultana to get the latter’s support for elections. In 2002 Elections, Shahida faced a defeat in election due to Daultana’s affaires.

On the other side, Afzal Kareem is also desirous of contesting an election from PP-234. Also Afzal is popular leader. He says if the PML-N denied him the party ticket, he would contest the election independently. At PP-235, two persons are struggling for the party ticket including Ejaz Sultan Bandeshah with the support from Tehmina, and Bilal Akber Bhatti, who contested the last by-election against Natasha Daultana of PPP and got more than 40,000 votes which is a record. Syed Sajid Shah from NA-168 with Afzal Kareem has started campaign while Irfan Daultana is still alone in the fight.

The expected candidate of PPP in NA-168 is Natasha Daultana who is the sister of Azeem Khan Daultana Late. She is also working hard in her constituency for the development of the area. Natasha is the niece of Tehmina. With Natasha, MPA Nosher Khan Langrial for PP-235 and MPA Sheheryar Khan for PP-234 are the expected candidates of PPP. It is expected that Nosher Khan Langrial will announce his support for the PML-N when the caretaker government will come into being. It will be a great shock for the PPP.

The third candidate for NA-168 is Nawab Ishaq Khan Khakwani who is senior vice President of Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf and former minister for Railways. For PP-234, Ishfaq Daultana is likely PTI candidate. However, Mian Sikander Daultana, former chairman of Zakat and Ushar Committee of Vehari who has defected PML-N, is the PTI’s strong candidate for PP-234.

For PP-234, Ayub Sandhera is the candidate of PTI. From PP-235, Waqar Azeem Jimmi and Khalid Chauhan are expected candidates of the party. Waqar Azeem because of hailing from Arian family and Khalid Chauhan due to his development work are famous in the area.

The fourth candidate of NA-168 is the daughter of Choudhry Nazir Jutt, Dr Arifa Nazir Jutt. Nazir Jutt has done a lot of development work at Burewala. He worked for the people without any discrimination. People of the entire district are fan of him. Nazir is contesting from NA-169 as an independent candidate and her daughter from NA-168. Likewise, the Jamaat-e-Islami has nominated Ali Waqas Hinjra its candidate for PP-235.