There was a half page advertisement published in leading newspapers from Lahore Development Authority (LDA) cautioning people, who were interested in purchasing plots in sector D, E and F of phase 2 of Bahria Town Lahore projects. The LDA is alleging that Bahria Town Lahore are attracting buyers to purchase plots carved out on land for which approval had not been sought from the competent authority and warning the public to refrain from purchasing plots in these schemes. They also claimed that LDA would not be responsible for any loss that may be incurred by the purchasers of plots in Bahria Town Lahore projects. It informed the Bahria Town that LDA is also entitled to demolish illegal construction in these schemes under clause 40 of the LDA Act 1975, further the sponsor is also liable to be punished, fined or imprisoned under clauses 33 and 38 of the Act 1975.

Bahria Town’s response to the LDA advertisement is on the same page, claiming that LDA advertisement is misleading , it also informed the public that Bahria Town has the approval for its schemes from the TMA, Iqbal Town, which according to Punjab Local Government ordinance 2001, is a competent authority, because section 54-A subsection 24 section D and as per schedule 24 and section 70 of the Punjab Government Ordinance 2001, TMA is a competent authority responsible for Housing and Building projects of private real estate developers and section 3 over rides all previously laws regarding housing schemes, by private real estate developers the Bahria Town management has also mentioned the comparison between the LDA and Bahria Town performance during the last 16 years, referring LDA’s schemes, the Jubilee Town, Mohniwal Town and Avenue Schemes which are still not fully developed although these schemes were launched 20 year ago and the price of their plots have depreciated, comparing the price appreciation of Bahria Town plots and houses.

It is a fact that Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is well known for mismanagement and corruption and its performance has been dismal with the passage of time; the housing schemes completed by it are not maintained like the DHA and Bahria Town management. I suggest that LDA, instead of creating confusion and discouraging the development of the country housing industries, should learn from Bahria Town and form joint venture with it so that those who have purchased plots in their schemes can also benefit from their investment.


Lahore, February 21.