KARACHI  - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief Mian Nawaz Sharif Tuesday said the city had been made hostage and his party would reclaim the City from the clutches of criminals and restore peace to it.

He said that self-centered political parties were responsible of unrest in the financial capital of the country.

Speaking to media persons along with the local leadership of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) followed by hours long meeting, former two-time Prime Minster said that an average of a dozen people were murdered everyday in Karachi while the incompetent government had failed to arrest a single culprit.

He said that the people of the largest city of Pakistan were left alone to face target killing, kidnapping and extortion. Over 6,000 people have been killed in five years during the rule of the most corrupt and inefficient government.

He said a drama was being staged in Sindh where MQM left the coalition government adding that it was preplanned that the governor would leave on holidays to pass local government bill by the acting governor.

Nawaz said it was strange that MQM has quit the government but its governor was not ready to step down. He suggested the political parties not to play with the people’s lives for sake of their political gains, votes and seats.

Nawaz said that Karachi had been made hostage and they want to free the City from the criminals.

He said that they had no greediness to win seats but to end the problems of the City. He added that he wanted to return “City of lights” status to Karachi.

The former premier said that the PML-N would form an alliance to contest election in the City.

Nawaz said that free and fair election was necessary for the future of the country, adding that the chief election commission should give special focus to Karachi.

To a query regarding Army chief statement on elections, Nawaz said that the remarks were a positive sign and everybody should appreciate it.

The PML-N Chief said, “If Karachi will be peaceful, it will benefit all Pakistan. He said, if the wheel of the economy moves in Karachi, its positive impact would be felt by the people throughout the country”. Adding, he said in order to restore law and order in Karachi, there is a dire need for re-organization of police and to rid it of political pressure.

Nawaz said, “Like the federation and other provinces, Peoples Party have made the people of Sindh despondent but the people will make PPP dejected in the forthcoming general elections.”

Earlier, the PML-N chief along with his delegation visited the residence of Jamaat-i-Islami leader Professor Ghafoor Ahmed on Tuesday and offered condolence over his demise.

Earlier talking to the reporters at Karachi airport, Nawaz Sharif told that he has come on the invitation of Pir Pagara, and will hold talks over cooperating with the Functional League in the upcoming elections.

The PML-N chief alleged that some parties, included in the government, are planning to rig the elections. He said the people of the province were not so naïve that they could not get air of it. He continued saying that everything will become evident after few days.