LAHORE – The strange intra-party polls of the PML-Q will complete the process of receiving the nomination papers, scrutiny, withdrawal and conduct of polls in Punjab on a single day.

The intra-party polls of the PML-Q in Punjab would be held on Wednesday (today), while the party polls for the central organisation to be conducted tomorrow (Thursday).

The election commissioner of the PML-Q, Aurangzeb advocate on Tuesday told The Nation that intra-party polls for the province of Punjab and Sindh to be held today (Wednesday), while the party polls for central organization would be held on Thursday (February 28).

He added that party polls for Khyber Pukhtunkhawa and Balochistan organisations had already been conducted.

When asked about the party polls for the Union Councils (UCs) organisations, which form electoral college for the party elections, he claimed that intra-party polls of the UCs was a continuous process which keeps working time to time.

About the district organisations, he maintained that fresh elections for this phase had also been conducted already.

The PML-Q election commissioner hastily countering the question of completing the entire process of Punjab polls on a single day claimed this was the way of party politics in the PML-Q. Under the mentioned process of the party polls, he further claimed that it would not be a mere electoral exercise, as it would also bring new faces in various party offices.

Informing about the details of the electoral college, which would elect the Punjab organisation, he said that 1020 directly elected councilors of party’s UC organisation in the province would elect the Punjab office bearers.

While the elected provincial organisations would elect the central office bearers tomorrow (February 28).

Some critics among the PML-Q circles said that prominent party offices, especially from centre and Punjab would be filled by the same party leaders who were the sitting office-bearers, while new faces would surface in the areas and regions where party leaders had deserted and joined other political forces of the province.

Surprisingly, PML-Q central spokesman, Senator Kamil Ali Agha few days back told this scribe that the intra-party polls would start from Union Councils (UCs), which would form the electoral college to elect the following tiers of the party organisations.

The electoral college based on the directly elected members of the UCs would elect tehsils and districts, while the districts would elect the provincial leaderships and the provincial leaderships would elect the central office bearers of the party.