KARACHI - Pakistan has paid $391.8 million to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the 10th repayment installment against the loan obtained under the standby arrangement, the State Bank of Pakistan said on Tuesday.

According to the central bank, with repayment of current installment Pakistan to-date has repaid $3.232 billion since July 2012. The remaining amount due under IMF/SBA until September 2015 is around $4.891 billion.

The next installment under IMF/SBA facility will be due at end of May 2013, amounting to around $390.1 million, the central bank added. Pakistan had obtained $7.8 billion from the IMF in 2008. Since the repayments started earlier this year, rupee has been under consistent pressure losing considerable value against the dollar in the inter-bank and open currency markets.