LAHORE (PR) - A large meeting of workers under the aegis of Pakistan Workers Confederation (Puniab Province) was held here on Tuesday at Bakkhtiar Labour Hall to express concern over various issues. The meeting was presided over by Ms Rubina Jameel, President, PWC Punjab Province which was attended by the representatives of workers and national trade union federation centre i.e. Pakistan Trade Union Federation, National Trade Union, Federation, Mutihida Labour Federation, Pakistan Workers Federation, Pakistan Textiles Employees Union, PTCL Employees Union, National Bank Employees Union, Irrigation Labour Federation, UBL Employees Union and other trade unions.

The meeting was addressed by Ms. Rubina Jamil, Yousaf Baloch, Osama Tariq, Akbar All Khan, Nisar Gulzar, Nisar Ahmad, Rana Hassan Muhammad and other representatives of trade unions. Khurshid Ahmad, General Secretary, Pakistan Workers Confederation stressed the need to galvanize the struggle for dismantling exploitative system and declared that national meeting of the confederation was being held in the next month to chalk-out the future programme of action.