NOWSHERA VIRKAN - The local people are facing a number of problems because of poor performance of the public representatives regarding infrastructural and educational development and provision of basic facilities, reveals a survey conducted by TheNation.

The members of national and Punjab assemblies have reneged on their promises with the inhabitants. Before the elections, they made a many promises regarding provision of basic facilities, establishment and improvement of educational institutions, road construction and provision of potable water but after the five years, the situation is worse than the earlier. The people demanded early completion of projects like construction and widening of main road from Budha Goraya to Bagh Chowk. The project was launched four years ago. About 4 km part of the road from Police Station Chowk to Slaughter House has been left incomplete which is very problematic for the road users. Thus, the people have fed up with the typical politics.

Moreover, the poor sewage system is continuous irritation for about 70 percent area of the city which always remains inundated with sewer water. But the politicians and leaders are not paying heed to the issue. The main reason behind the blockade is unavailability of ponds. Because of the situation, diseases are spreading in the area.

Non-provision of drinkable water is also a big issue. There is single water filtration plant in the city consisting of two urban union councils. Moreover, water pipelines are not in satisfactory condition and have damaged from several points due to which, water gets mixed with sewer water thereby causing spread of diseases.

A resident said that the governments allocated funds in order to win elections and not for the betterment of the masses. The elected representatives’ performance is not satisfactory as the people are facing a lot of problems, he added.

He pointed out that educational institutions in Nowshera Virkan are dilapidated. “Special Education School and Government Commercial Training Institute are functional in rented buildings with insufficient furniture and staff. Likewise, the buildings of Govt Degree College and the Govt Vocational Training Institute for Women are still under construction for several years,” he detailed.