LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that the soil of Sufis, the Sindh valley, is the heart of Pakistan and we have deep affection with Sindh.

He said that if all the units of Pakistan make progress, the country will be prosperous and national unity will be strengthened. He said that though Kala Bagh Dam is a useful project for the national economy, it should be constructed through national consensus. He said that the project which weakens the national unity should not be launched. He said that federal rulers looted the country in the name of reconciliation and democracy during the last five years and increased the grievances of the nation. He said that Zardari and his cronies ruined national economy and defamed democracy. Nawaz Sharif, while displaying tolerance and accommodation during the last five years, did not allow derailing democracy, he added.

He prayed for such a leadership in coming general elections which would put the country on the road to progress and rid the nation of difficulties. He said that if the people gave opportunity of service then the journey started under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif.

He expressed these views while talking to the Sukkur Press Club and Sindhi journalists of media at Model Town today. Punjab Assembly Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan, Special Assistant Zaeem Hussain Qadri, MPA Kh Imran Nazir, Secretary Information and Director General Public Relations were also present on the occasion. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said that he welcomes

Sindhi journalists on behalf of Punjab government and thankful to them for providing an opportunity of hospitality.

 He said that Karachi is a trade centre of Pakistan, city of lights and gateway of the country but he is deeply hurt to see its present condition. He said that Pakistan is going through a difficult phase and facing many crises. He said Pakistan is rich in resources but there is shortage of commitment. He expressed the hope that committed and sincere leadership will put the country on the road to progress and development.

He said that only sincere leadership can bring friendly policies. He said that federal rulers ruined the country through loot and the loans taken during the last 65 years have increased thrice during the last five years. He said that 16 billion dollars annually sent by overseas Pakistanis have supported the national economy. Referring to the development projects of the Punjab government, the CM said that metro bus project has been completed in a record period of eleven months over which Turkish are also amazed.

He said that the resources saved through austerity policy are also being spent on the provision of education, health, transport and other facilities to the people. He said that a corruption free culture has been promoted in the province and all the projects are an example of standard, transparency and rapidity.

He said that Daanish schools have been set up in southern Punjab for the provision of quality educational facilities to the poor children. He said that laptops, solar lamps, educational scholarships, infrastructure, new hospitals and new medical colleges are such programmes from which the people are fully benefitting.

He said that if got opportunity, then process of development will be extended throughout the country and time will come when Pakistan will be self reliant.

He said that friend and foe will have to respect us. Replying to a question regarding stoppage of Sindh waters by Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif said that there had been a Chairman of IRSA from Sindh since last seven years, then how Punjab can take water of Sindh in his presence. On the demand of Sindh we gave 50,000 metric tons wheat as gift, he added. The Chief Minister said we want people of Sindh should be prosperous as without prosperity of Sindhi, prosperity of Punjab is nothing. Sukkur Press Club President Lala Asad Pathan said that

Punjab looks changed due to development projects. He said that we have come to visit the Punjab for the second time but we have not still forgotten the love and affection of people of Punjab. He said that people of Sindh have great love for PML-N leadership. He lauded the metro bus project.  Sindhi journalist Javed Mehmood said that Daanish schools are such excellent institutions where we wish to send our children for studies. Sindhi journalists paid rich tributes to Shahbaz Sharif for welfare oriented programmes of the Punjab government.