LAHORE  - The participants of All Parties Conference demanded the government to declare Taliban and their supporter as enemies of the state and end the option of dialogue with the outlawed TTP.

The APC also announced to launch a ‘Go Taliban Go’ movement and observe tomorrow (Friday) as the Anti-Taliban Day. The conference titled ‘All Parties Anti-Taliban Conference’ was organised by Tahaffuz Namoos Risalat Mahaz and attended by leaders of 50 various parties belonging to Barelvi school of thought. On the end of conference, a joint declaration was issued which was read out by TNRM president Sahabzada Hamid Raza.

It dubbed the Jamaat Islami and JUI as political wings of Taliban, and demanded the government to announce ending the dialogue option with the TTP as the policy of giving a chance to peace had failed. It also stated that now the all-out war had become inevitable to establish peace in the country.

Terming the negotiations with banned organisations as unconstitutional, the declaration further demanded that Army should be given free hand to crush terrorists and operations should be continued until the terrorism is uprooted. It stated that that the entire nation was unanimously standing behind the armed forces and government for the policy of crushing Taliban.

The declaration said that the elements involved in terrorism were being patronised by the US through Afghanistan, and demanded Kabul to hand over all wanted terrorists to Pakistan. It challenged the religious and political groups supporting Taliban and the peace negotiations to hold debate with the TNRM on the issue of militancy. It said that the TTP was defaming Islam and had pushed the country into civil war, scaring away the investors and businessmen, causing a serious economic and security crisis.

The declaration welcomed the decisions of the MQM, MWM, PTI and PML-Q for supporting the military operation against Taliban. The APC was also participated by MQM leader Abdul Haseeb, MWM leader Nasir Abbas Sherazi and PML-Q delegation participated on special invitation. On the occasion, Sunni Ittehad Council chief Hamid Raza, Sunni Tehreek chief Sarwat Ejaz Qadri, Almi Tanzim Ahle Sunnat chief Pir Afzal Qadri, Allama Raghib Hussain Naeemi, TNRM president Razaul Mustafa Naqshbandi, former federal minister Hamid Saeed Kazmi, Pir Irfan Shah, Ghulam Muhammad Sialvi, Mujahidi Abdul Rasool Qadri, Mufti Muhammad Khan Qadri, Dr Ashraf Asif Jalali, JUP Sawad Azam chief Pir Mehfooz Mashadi, Muhammad Ali Naqshbandi, Hafiz Muhammad Akbar Jatoi and others addressed.