LAHORE - Affectees of demolition giving way to  Azadi Chowk Extension Project, having incomplete property documents will not be entitled to get compensation, sources in LDA disclosed.

The sources further disclosed that affectees having only ‘registry of their property’ as a proof of their ownership will not be eligible for compensation though registry of property is considered sound proof of ownership.

The sources say that it was perhaps first time in the history of the country that the affctees have been refused for compensation by declaring ‘fard of land’ a proof of ownership right of property. They further added that it was unfair as they had paid tax to the government and deposited sufficient amount in the national exchequer as ‘registration fee’ for getting title of ownership of their property.

They said that the government using unfair means to nab private land from owners on the name of public interests’ projects, although the provincial government paid compensation to the stakeholders of the affectees of the Metro Bus Service Project during its construction.

Most stakeholders were residing in the area since decades and government never raised objections on ownership issues even during dozens of encroachments operations in the city.

The insiders further added that the government also seemed unwilling to pay compensation to such stakeholders for demolished portions of their buildings, shops and homes on the plea that they could not enclose ‘fard’ with their ownership documents.     

In this regard, a stakeholder Nauman, resident of Ravi Road said that he inherited property from his forefathers, but government is using cheap tactics to deprive them of their properties. He said that his house, which has been demolished by the authorities, was his only asset. He said that he has been forced to vacate his property and has nowhere to go.

Faseh Ahmad, resident near Timber Market said that the government imposed condition of ‘fard’ as a proof of ownership just to deprive dozens of people of their property which is the violation of human rights. Project Manager, talking to this scribe said that compensation would be paid encroachments in a transparent manner to and a committee has been constituted for this purpose.

The government inaugurated the construction work on the project of Azadi Chowk Interchange and New Circular Road in January and the project would be completed during the current year at a cost of Rs5.35 billion. The provincial government initiated the project with a view that it would help smooth traffic flow from Niazi Chowk to Bhati Chowk and save time of the people coming and going outside Lahore. That not only Lahore metro bus service would be improved with the completion of aforementioned project but local citizens would also be facilitated and a 670 meter long flyover would start from Taxali Gate and end at Timber Market.

 Under the project, the location of Azadi Chowk would be changed and shifted to north of Minar-e-Pakistan. Project had been handed over to the team headed by Director General LDA Ahad Khan Cheema which has completed metro bus project. According to the project, New Circular Road would start from Maulana Ahmed Ali Road and would be linked to Circular Road by passing through Minar-e-Pakistan lake site towards Sports Complex set up at Iqbal Park and Lorri Adda from Badami Bagh to Masti Gate.