KARACHI  - The stock market witnessed a range-bound and dull session on Wednesday as results season came to an end. “It is a common practice of market after an earning season,” said Shahid Ali Habib, CEO at Arif Habib Corp, here on Wednesday.

KSE 100-index lost another 59.11 points or 0.23 percent to end the day at 25500.50 as compared to 25559.61 points of the previous day. KSE allshare-index shed 4.01 points or 0.02 per cent to end the day at 19095.95 points, KSE-30 shed 49.45 points or 0.27 per cent to close the day at 18596.31 points while KMI 30-index reduced by 113.78 points or 0.27 percent to stop the trading at 42388.30 points.

The day turnover of market in term of shares was 176.004 million after opening at 226.662 million shares and the value of traded shares shrank to Rs 5.441 billion from Rs 5.829 billion. Capitalization of the market maintained at Rs 6.223 trillion compared to Rs 6.225 trillion of a day earlier.  Speculations continued in OMCs on expected revisions in margins. Limited foreign interest, economic uncertainty and dismal corporate sector payouts played a catalyst role in bearish activity despite record earnings in oil & gas sector, an analyst observed. During the session, 382 companies exchanged hands where losers outnumbered the gainers by 250 to 120 while the value of 12 stocks remained intact. Highest price increased was reflected in the price of Nestle Pak, up by Rs 443.45 to Rs 9312.45, followed by Pak Tobacco, up by Rs 34.60 to Rs 726.60. Rafhan Maize and Wyeth Pak Ltd were the biggest losers of the day, decreased by Rs 259.12 to Rs 7300 and Rs 239.70 to Rs 4554.30.   A dealer at KSE said mid-cap stocks remained active as BOP rights witnessed 20m shares which made 11% of total volume, followed by AICL and TRG with 10m shares each. Renewed buying interest was seen in consumer stocks which helped leading stocks like Nestle, Pak Tobacco, Murree Brewery and National Foods to close at upper cap. Telecard Limited with 9.590 m, Engro Fertilizer Limited with 8.349m, Maple Leaf Cement with 7.200m, JS Investments with 7.194m, Lafarge Pak with 6.788m, JS Co with 6.134mand P.T.C.L.A with 5.630m shares were also the part of top ten scrips.