There is a debate that sports should be played only for fun and we should encourage one another and stay positive. Everyone deserves a trophy, because in the end winning and losing doesn’t matter. Still, there are others who disagree and believe that one of the greatest lessons that sports can teach us is how to deal with failure. Yes; one of the greatest things that sports teaches us is how to take defeat with sportsman spirit.

A young athletes learns to view losing not as a failure but as a challenge to work even harder, so that the next time they can be successful. The faith that only the youth who receive athletic distinctions are important can label almost everyone as a failure but that is not true. Punjab Youth Festival aimed to encourage the youth to have faith in their abilities. The organizers of the Punjab Youth Festival also believed that youth should participate in order to have fun, encourage each other, create friendship, and build bridges of unity. Just winning is not the end for a true athlete; learning from failure makes one stronger.


Hunza, February 25.