After 3 months, the Peshawar High Court has finally ruled that PTI’s NATO blockade is illegal. While the decision is welcome, one can only wonder why it took 90 days to state the obvious. There was never any doubt regarding the legitimacy of taking the law into one’s own hands and trying to enforce vigilante justice by threat of force. The timing of this ruling is unfortunate for PTI, considering that their shifting stance on talks has also been noticed by the public. One political faux pas after another in a short space of time is never good for any party, especially one that has been granted control of any province for the first time in their short history.

The protest was predicated on a moral high ground which was flawed to begin with. The means to voice the opposition is also ridiculous in the extreme. As a political party in control of KPK, PTI’s mandate now extends to all the people of the province, and not just those who are employed by them. NATO, although forced to divert its routes through Balochistan is not the one suffering through this protest (for lack of a better word). Although more costly, air drops and routes through Balochistan are fulfilling the purpose of supplying the troops with whatever they need. The local traders and drivers that are hassled by these blockades are the ones that actually lose out. Meanwhile, workers from PTI and JI have taken to the task of searching trucks with gusto. Somebody should tell them that fellow civilians have no right to demand documents from drivers or force them to open trucks. We already have people for that.

The response to the ruling from the party is not encouraging either. The leaders of PTI are going to meet before they announce their plans, but appealing the decision and asking the Supreme Court to override the ruling has already been alluded to. The workers at the blockades are also going to wait for Imran Khan to make a statement before they back off. Until then, its business as usual. The PTI should now change their course, before they face another embarrassing situation in which their stubbornness ends up costing them. It has been 3 months. Enough people are already annoyed by this overzealous and unwarranted reaction. Dismiss this as a failure and move on.