Demanding fresh elections, the PML-N leaders in Azad Jammu and Kashmir denied the allegation levelled by the AJK prime minister that the bye-election was rigged through the deployment of paramilitary troops of Rangers on the polling day.

Addressing a joint press conference here, they were of the view that the recent victory of their party in the bye-election held in Sudhanoti district was primarily due to people’s confidence in its leadership and unpopularity of the PPP-led AJK government.

PML-N AJK Secretary Finance Ch Muhammad Saeed, former minister Ch Rukhsar Ahmed, Ch Maalick, Nazir Inqlabi and Tahir Mirza called upon AJK Prime Minister Abdul Majeed to immediately step down by accepting his party’s defeat in the bye-polls held on Saturday in Baloch (LA-22) constituency following “the ill-governance, extremely corrupt government and malpractices on the part of the sitting AJK ruling clique”.

The PML-N leaders demanded that the AJK prime minister should immediately dissolve the AJK Legislative Assembly to pave the way for holding of elections. They said that the June 26, 2011 elections were massively rigged to bring the PPP into power through the undue intervention and support of the then PPP regime in Pakistan.

Ch Muhammad Saeed said that the people have expressed their wisdom by electing PML-N candidate Farooq Tahir with heavy majority though it was the opposition party in AJK.

The PML-N leader maintained that the chief secretary and the IGP of AJK had nothing to do with the arrival of the Rangers troops on the polling day since the paramilitary troops were called on the orders of the chief election commissioner.

He said that by raising the allegations of rigging, the AJK rulers were trying to save their skin and divert the attention of the masses from the continuous failure of the administration. The PML-N leader said that unemployment and poverty was at zenith in AJK due to bad governance. He pointed out that the highly educated youth including engineers and doctors were goring from pillar to post for jobs and the state-run Public Service Commission has become much controversial following the induction of allegedly incapable persons on the basis of political affiliations.

It may be added that the apex court of AJK Supreme Court has already declared all such inductions in PSC members null and void. Addressing the press conference, Nazir Inqlabi said that Premier Majeed should immediately resign and announce the holding of fresh elections to AJK Legislative Assembly by accepting the failure of his government at each front.

He asserted that the people in Baloch area showed complete hatred against the sitting government in the election. He said that the crystal clear evidences of the corruption on the part of the administration were already available and being moved to the government of Pakistan especially the Chairman of the AJK Council and the prime minister of Pakistan for constitutional action under the Interim Act 1974, the Interim Constitution of AJK.

They observed that AJK prime minister was suffering from mental frustration and unrest following the frequent interference by the PPP’s top leadership in the AJK government’s affairs. They strongly criticised the AJK premier’s refusal to accept the services of the AJK chief secretary and inspector general police any more. They termed these allegations baseless.