There is a wide difference in the application of peace pursued by both the United States and Afghanistan in war-torn Afghanistan. Karzai knows that Taliban is a major party and without them peace would be difficult to achieve. The Afghan president is now looking for a political settlement among the different faction of the country, which is the right approach, keeping in view the ground realities while the United States is leaving behind a country with weak central government. The US has no respect for Afghan civilian’s rights according to president Karzai. That is why the president has refused to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement(BSA). The president will sign the (BSA) if it ensures Afghanistan peace but it is believed that things would remain the same in Afghanistan even if the Afghan president signed the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA).

The ISAF forces led by Nato have gained little success in Afghanistan after more than a decade of war. Starting talks with the Taliban is the best option which should be initiated without any further delay. Moreover the Afghan government should be involved in the negotiation process so that the result could not be like the opening of Taliban office in Qatar. Though the United States has contributed more than any country in the world in terms of financial, material and human support to Afghanistan, the country will still need help from the United States after 2014 and the United States will need Afghanistan for their own strategic goals and interests in South Asia and the region. Pakistan, China, Iran, Russia and India should play a positive role in war-torn Afghanistan.


KPK, February 23.