LAHORE - The youth attempted to make it nine world records as part of Punjab Youth Festival (PYF) 2014 at the Sports Board Punjab (SBP) Gymnasium Hall on Wednesday.

Punjab Sports Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan was the chief guest while SBP Director General Usman Anwar and Guinness World Record (GWR) representatives were also present.

Captain Arbab, who attempted to break two world records, was the hero of the day. Carrying 40lb pack, Arbab did 62 – one-arm pushups, in a minute to break to record of a Briton, 31 pushups.

The second record challenged by Arbab was most pushups (using back of hands) in a minute. Earlier, this record was set by a Qatari with 166 pushups.

In another attempt, seven youngsters demonstrated control over weight for 46 seconds in the most layered sandwich bed of nails (one inch). Taj Muhammad, Mujtaba Hasan, Meraj Hussain, Noman, Hasan, Arslan and Asmar were the members of record-attempting team. Formerly, India had this feat with five persons.

In the third attempt, M Rashid cracked 155 walnuts against the head in a minute to snatch the feat from an American. Then it was Farhan’s turn to attempt 38 kip-ups in a minute (break dance) record which an Englishman set with 22 kip-ups.

Nadeem Abbas registered 70 pushups on back of hands with 40 lb pack in one hour in his attempt. Previously, this feat was with America with 51 push-ups. Then, Mujataba Hasan stunned everyone on the spot by attempting 107 walnuts with nunchaks in a minute and challenged the record set by a Chinese with 49 walnuts.

Ali Haider also challenged new record of most pushups (using back of hands, carrying 60 lb pack) in one minute when he made 52 pushups with 60 lb pack weight on the back. The previous best was 38 pushups. The last attempt was made by Zafar Iqbal with 100 pushups in one minute with 40 lb pack and challenged the Lebanon record of 73 pushups.

Today (Thursday), the records of most pull-ups in six hours, most push-ups in six hours and most push-ups on back of hands with 40 lb pack in one hour will be attempted at 11am. The records of most push-ups in 12 hours and most pull-ups in 12 hours will be resumed on the same day.

Meanwhile, chief guest Rana Mashhood said that with the progress of the Punjab Youth Festival (PYF), the passion of the youth was also increasing rapidly who wanted to show the world that they were not less than any other country’s youth.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Guinness World Records here at the gymnasium hall of the Sports Board Punjab (SBP), Mashhood said: “The PYF has provided a platform to the youth and this time, we will try to attempt around 100 worlds records in which army men will also take part.”

 “No one can defeat the fervor and dedication of Pakistani nation until we have enthusiastic youngsters like Captain Arbab. The entire world has been observing our youth creating world records and the PYF will help the country in earning good name across the globe,” he added.

 “The vision of Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif is to make the country prosper and developed. For this purpose, they have been taking revolutionary steps and committed to weeding out poverty and load-shedding from this country,” Mashhood maintained.

 “The youth festival has been presenting a softer image of the country to the outer world and also helping in increasing its foreign investment,” he concluded.

Speaking at the occasion, SBP DG Usman Anwar felicitated the youth on creating new world records. “This time, our youth has been provided with more facilities and in future, it will be enhanced.”