It is sad to realize that our society has forgotten how to read books; the habit of reading has vanished. Before it is too late, there must be something done about it. Many NGOs are working towards different causes in our society and promoting a reading habit should be one of them. More public libraries should be opened and accessible for people from where they can borrow books. Campaigns should be spread across educational institutions to offer separate courses or classes for reading.

A very ideal example is the ‘Reader’s Club’ in Karachi University that offers students a chance to enter and enhance their reading, writing, and speaking skills, as it is considered an important aspect of a student’s growth and success.

Educational institutions must play their part, not only on university level, but starting from the primary level. The realization of the importance of reading will bring the change that we are looking for. We have almost forgotten the importance of reading and that can be one of the reasons we are lagging behind in many areas, can’t it?


Lahore, February 18.