I want to talk about the growing culture of old age homes in our society. I have recently visited an old age home in Rawalpindi. I got very much depressed after my visit. The stories of the elderly people were very much heart-rending and depressing. I was thinking after the meeting that where our society is really proceeding? Are we really want to modernize by sending our old parents and elders to the old houses? Are our parents really become an extra baggage for us? Or it is just the need of the time in order to become westernized. I talked to many people there and became distressed when I heard that their own children brought them here. It was just because their sons and daughters were fed up and wanted to get rid of them. Where is our religion now? I guess that Islam did not preach us to leave our parents when they really need us. It is really very objectionable and reprehensible act. We should be ashamed of ourselves for taking such ill-suited steps for our beloved parents and elders.

I think that the concept of old age homes should be curtailed from our society, otherwise all the youngsters will send their parents to old age homes for living in peace. This is not the actual peace. It is an abuse to our society for behaving with our elders in such an inhumane manner. Old age homes should be minimized in order to stop this wrong from our society.


Rawalpindi, January 30.