islamabad - Chairman National Accountability Bureau Qamar Zaman Chaudhry yesterday, once again, advised the NAB officers to adopt zero tolerance policy against the corruption and criminals across the board.

Addressing to the graduation ceremony of NAB investigation officers who got training at Police Training College Sihala, he said that corruption is rampant in the society, politic and everyday life.

Corruption has rightly been labelled as mother of all ills. It gives birth to multifarious problems including nepotism and favouritism. It negates meritocracy, transparency and accountability.

Banking scams, industrialist’s monopoly to create even bigger profit margins are some of the manifestations of corruption that are exhibited quite regularly by those who have acquired ill-gotten wealth.

He said that National Accountability Bureau was established in these compelling circumstances to fight and eradicate corruption in a holistic and integrated manner. This is the backdrop against which National Accountability Bureau is striving to accomplish its mission i.e. to rid the nation from corruption and corrupt practices.

The chairman said that National Accountability Bureau was essentially a complaint driven organisation. An exhaustive system of cognisance of cases has been formulated to standardise the selection of cases for processing. Priority is assigned keeping in view the case nature, the amount of monies involved, the social impact and the number of affectees.

He said that NAB’s operational methodology has set three stages for processing of cases including complaint verification, inquiry and investigation. “There have been many ups and downs in NAB’s journey since its inception. The jury is still out. But I must bring on record the hard work and pains taken by all ranks of NAB towards their national duty particularly in the last two years. The rigorous selection and training process of this course is manifest of our efforts to take up the challenges that the country faces in tackling wide spread corruption and corrupt practices,” he added.

The chairman explained that an effective accountability mechanism is quintessential for economic growth, investment and stability of social order.

The intervention by NAB has acted as a catalyst, as transparency is a prerequisite for promoting investment and economic growth. Since its inception, NAB has adopted the enforcement based approach in its fight against corruption. 

He said controlling corruption on a sustainable and long-term basis requires a broader vision and multifaceted strategy, which banks heavily on awareness and prevention of corruption in addition to the enforcement approach.

Special focus is, therefore, being given to awareness and prevention activities to educate the people at large about the ill effects of corruption, the chairman added. 

He said that youth is the future of Pakistan; therefore the National Accountability Bureau has laid special emphases on this segment of the population.

Character building societies (CBS) are being set up in educational institutions across the country to build an effective edifice against corruption.