The concerned bureaucrats have ridiculed the rulers by treating all arms licence holders as suspects for verification and computerisation of arms licences, even those granted by the federal government to awardees, in the name of security. It is as if a terrorist or criminal will first get a licence, buy gun from an authorised dealer and then commit crime. How can computerisation ensure arms in safe hands and improve security when thousands of CNIC have been issued to unauthorized persons, now under investigation, and far more illegal arms are held by people.

Misery and financial burden imposed on the law—abiding arms licence holders, particularly senior citizens, can only be felt by those who have gone or going through arms licence computerisation process, visible in NADRA arms licence centres. Pertinent to mention here that the licences verified in 1998 under a federal order are also not exempted from computerisation, and many records of licences issued over 50 years ago might have been defaced or lost thus not verifiable.

I appeal to the worthy rulers to kindly ask the concerned bureaucrats to prove by facts and figures to justify misery imposed on the law—abiding citizens irrespective of their standing and defaming the rulers in this process.


Rawalpindi, January 31.