The absence of a full-fledged Sub-Registrar and the alleged corruption in the Registry branch has been causing multifarious problems for residents of the district, The Nation learnt on Thursday.

Talking to this reporter, people from different walks of life who had come to the Registry branch, termed this most important office of the Revenue Department, as to have become ‘white elephant.’

“It has become a hub of corruption because no one can get done his work without bribing the staffers,” they alleged, adding that this situation has caused problems for the general public and has been depriving the state exchequer of billion of rupees revenue. According to the officials, the incumbent Sub-Registrar Qamar Mehmood Manj, has been appointed on temporary basis - three days a week basis. But unfortunately, the public said, Manj appears in his office seldom. They regretted that the general public, who are paying million of rupees to the government in shape of different taxes, are returning without getting registered their properties registries. According to people of the area, Tehsil office of the Sub-Registrar remains closed most of the time or even if it is opened luckily, one can find unnecessary staff busy looting the common man.

An eye-witness, on condition of anonymity, claimed that “those who pay more bribe are favoured on urgent basis, while those who pay less bribe have to come for over weeks to gets their work done.” The residents of Kasur demanded the Commissioner and DCO Salman Ghani to take notice of the public miseries and take a stringent action against those responsible for the mess in the public office. They also demanded the posting of a full-fledged Registrar to improve working at the registry branch and check its staffers.