KAMALIA: Former Punjab social welfare and women development minister Ashifa Riaz Fatyana has said that the power crisis will not end by 2018 but the PML-N government will collapse in 2018 surely. Addressing a meeting of women workers here on Friday, she lashed out at the government for its failure to fulfil promises it had made with the nation during the run-up to the general elections. She feared that in far-flung areas of the country, one would not even know the scale of the disaster in terms of lives lost due to heat, lack of water and loadshedding. The former minister said the state of affairs in the context of excessive loadshedding has assured crisis proportions across the country. Instead, she said, the present government has chosen to focus on expensive projects like metro buses while people has no water and electricity. This shows a total lack of concern for the ordinary people. She demanded that those responsible for the prevailing crises in the country should be held accountable for their misdeed. She also demanded that the government must move to resolve loadshedding and water issues on a war footing. –Staff Reporter