Sulman Ali


Comedy, drama and action all rolled into a single film project, which had been executed wonderfully. Certainly the film Bachaana is something all movie buffs would love to watch. And you can sum it all in one word and that is it is entertaining.

Bachaana revolves around three main characters, an Indian girl named Alia (Sanam Saeed), her husband Jehangir (Adeel Hashmi) and a Pakistani taxi driver Vicky (Mohib Mirza) with a simple story line. The whole movie has been shot on the locations in Mauritius and there is no scene that has been shot in a studio. Vicky meets Alia and her husband at the airport. The couple had come for their honeymoon. Jahangir it later comes to be known was a drug smuggler who had tried to frame her newlywed wife into drug trafficking for him. And then starts the pursuit of Alia and Vicky by the bad guys. There are a lot of twists and turns, gun shots, fights and a lot of comedy. Aalia, who undergoes a series of unfortunate events and is forced to place her faith in a man she hardly knows. The movie follows the couple’s adventurous journey of love in Mauritius. The acting by all three characters is commendable as they being TV actors have acted according to demands of silver screen. Mohib stood out in his lead role. His acted with a natural flow and won over the hearts of people. The acting by other lead Sanam Saeed was also very good. She plays an Indian girl very well using some Hindi words to lend credibility to her role. Adeel Hashmi for the first time plays villain. He did well but most of the viewers including this scribe were of the view that he over did it. And then he had been given few dialogues to deliver. ‘Bag Kahan hay?’ (Where is the bag?) is what he says till the end while rubbing his neck. His character is flat and round and does not evolve like the characters of Mohib and Sanam.

The dialogues are crisp, full of wit and funny and this is what makes movie a must watch. There are no over emotional dialogues in the story which makes it an easy going and simple movie. The appearance, makeup and dressing is according to the story. There is no glamorous clothing. The same dresses are worn throughout the movie. The heroine has worn two dresses in the whole film. The basic element of a chase movie has been kept in mind. The hero has not changed the dress in the movie, which makes it very realistic. The cinematography of the film is beautiful. The beautiful panoramic views of Mauritius have been shown in a wonderful way. The director has done an exceptional job. The angles and frame of capturing the beauty of locations is marvelous. The ambience is further built by the background music. There are no forceful entries of the songs like it happens in most masala films. Thank God there is no ‘Item Song’. The #BACHAANA soundtrack features 3 original compositions; ‘Yaari’, ‘Koi Labda’ and ‘Bachaana - Title Track’; and a special #BACHAANA mashup, a first of its kind in Pakistan.

‘Yaari’ has been composed by Bollywood music director, Prasad Sashte and features one of Pakistan’s most iconic fusion music artist, ShafqatAmanat Ali with lyrics by Shakeel Sohail. Audio for the song has been produced at Prasad Sashte Studios with mastering by ShadabRayeen.

The films’ title track, ‘#BACHAANA’, has been composed by Pakistani musician Ali Sher and features ace Bollywood vocalist Benny Dayal and Komal Ghazanfar from Pakistan. Produced at Ali Sher Studios, the lyrics have been penned by Shakeel Sohail with mastering by ShadabRayeen.

The third original song is titled ‘Koi Labda’, an original by one of Pakistan’s leading pop-rock band, SYMT. With vocals by Haroon Shahid, who has also composed and penned ‘Koi Labda’, the song has been recorded at True Brew Records in Lahore with song arrangement by Farhan Ali and mastering and audio production by SherazSiddiq.

The fourth and final track features Pakistan’s first feature film soundtrack Mashup. Composed and produced by leading Bollywood DJ, Kiran Kamath, the mashup remixes BACHAANA’s title track as sung by Benny Dayal and Komal Ghazanfar and ‘Yaari’ as sung by ShafqatAmanat Ali and Usman Qureshi. The videos for all four songs have been directed by Nasir Khan with Asrad Khan as the director of photography and edit/post work by Sagheer Ahmed and Ahsan Sardar.

The movie is of 1 hour and 40 minutes. This is the reason that it does not drag. It never gets boring and ends on a happy note with behind the camera scenes of the making of film coming in when the film ends.