Our political leaders, when out of power, condemn ostentatious and luxurious way of living and vow to purge society from this evil. However, when they get a chance they break all records of spending on superfluities. The PP premiere in 2008 while getting vote of confidence declared on the floor of the house 40% cut on expenditure of his house. He also announced that he would launch a saving drive and invest money in the national kitty, restrict his ministers to the use of 100 CC vehicle, cut size of his government, and reduce spending for economic growth. Mian Nawaz Sharif during his first stint as prime minister introduced a very useful and attractive scheme called ‘ Qarz utaro, mulk suwaro’, people whole heartedly donated to this scheme but it was left half way. And in 2011 he expressed his desire to serve from a modest house if elected for the third time. Both the prime ministers could not keep their words and failed to deliver as promised. The PP premiere instead of saving money for economic growth wasted it on purchase of energy savers to be distributed to favorites. It appears our leaders have not abandoned their habits to display show of wealth on borrowed money.


Islamabad, January 31.