LAHORE - The annual elections of the Lahore High Court Bar Association will be held today with traditional zeal and fervor.

Around 12,879 members will exercise today their power of vote to elect office bearers of the bar for year 2016. The bar election will be held through biometric system and those lawyers who are not registered with the biometric system could not cast their vote.

On four seats of the bar, there are 15 candidates who are contesting election. For the slot of President, Hamid Khan Group has nominated Rana Zia-ur-Rehman while Asma Jahangir Group has fielded Ramazan Chaudhary. One to one contest is expected between both candidates. However, the lawyers say, the position of Mr. Rehman is strong as his rival candidate.

Six candidates are contesting for one slot of vice president. They are including Sheikh Sakhawat, M. R. Awan, Sardar Tahir Shahbaz Khan, Ch, Muhammad Saleem, Mian Waseem and Rashid Lodhi.

Four candidates are contesting for the slot of secretary including Jawad Ashraf, Uzma Razzaq Khan, Anas Ghazi and Sharjeel Adnan Sheikh.

There would be tough competition between Sharjeel Adnan Sheikh and Anas Ghazi as both have heavy support and legal background. Sharjeel Adnan Sheikh is son of famous lawyer Akram Sheikh while Anas Ghazi is son of Justice (r) Nazir Ghazi. The position of Sharjeel, the lawyers said, is strong. There are three candidates for the seat of Finance Secretary including Syed Asad Bukhari, Deeba Khan and Muhammad Zeeshan Amir.

The lawyers, as usual, are very much excited over the elections. All chambers, streets and roads leading to the bar and the walls in surrounding of the LHC premises have been decorated with banners and posters of the candidates. The campaigns of the candidates were on the climax.

The supporters, today, will stand in long queues on the entrance points of the bar and will ask everyone entering their to vote and support their candidates. It creates a lovely situation as it glimpses of unity and one-community. High Security arrangements have been made for the Election Day. Heavy contingents of police will be deployed for the security of the bar members. No lawyers will be allowed to go near to the polling side without CNIC.