“All legislators of the PPP lent their full support to this bill and I will continue to lend my support to its implementation.”

–Yusuf RazaGillani about The Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Act 2011, November 2011,

After two failed attempts by female lawmakers in the National Assembly, The Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Act 2011 was finally passed in the lower house in November 2011, after three years of gathering dust in various committees. Granting rights to women in a Pakistani Assembly is no easy task, with religious lobbies opposing any laws related to granting more rights to women by terming it un-Islamic. The Protection of Women Against Violence ACT 2015, passed in the Punjab Assembly this week, has received similar criticism from religious leaders in the country. The government will have to find a way to circumvent this criticism and bring religious leaders on board in order to spread popular appeal for the law, unlike in previous instances.