Pakistan is already the sixth most populous country in the world with a population growth rate of 1.9% .this is an alarming statistic given the country’s lake of resources and inability to feed the entire population. However, experts predict a rapid increase in population by 2050 ,as the rate of death declines and the number of youth increases ,the task of controlling population growth is hard for Pakistan because population control drives are often seen as part of western propaganda by religious clerics who sometimes argue that the real purpose is to prevent muslims from proliferating in the world. The fact is that we need to control population growth for the sake of our country’s progress and development. Pakistan has one of the highest figures recorded in the world of women dying during childbirth every year. One of the reasons for this is early marriages of girls at very young age. The situation of this is even worse in Sindh rural areas where teen age girls are being married. The government, therefore, should take some speedy measures in order to control the population and maintain the plight of women as soon as possible.


Sukkur, January 31.