LAHORE:  Rana Zia Abdur-ur-Rehman of Professional group led by Hamid Khan has become president of the Lahore High Court Bar Association for year 2016, after defeating his rival candidate Ramzan Chaudhary of Asma Jahangir’s independent group. Rana Zia bagged 4279 votes while his rival candidate could get only 3795. 

Sardar Tahir Shahbaz became vice-president and he bagged 2065 votes.  Among the other contestants of the same slot including Sheikh Sakhawat, M. R. Awan, Ch. Muhammad Saleem, Mian Waseem and Rashid Lodhi, it was Ch. Muhammad Saleem who became the real rival of the winning candidate. Ch. Muhammad Saleem got 1501votes while all others hardly crossed the figure of 1000 votes.

On the slot of Secretary, Anas Ghazi marked a grand victory. He bagged 3912 votes while his rival Sharjeel Adnan Sheikh could get 3053 votes. Jawad Ashraf and Uzma Razzaq got 605 and 497 votes respectively. Syed Asad Bukhari elected as Finance Secretary. He was cast 3721 votes while his rival Deeba Khan got 2547 votes and Muhammad Zeeshan Aamir bagged 1758 votes.

Around 9000 voters exercised their power of vote to elect new leadership of the bar.

The elections were held at Kiyani Hall and new constructed Hall of the Lahore High Court Bar Association.

 It was first time in the bar’s history that the elections were held through biometric system.  The streets, walls and road leading to the bar and premises of the LHC had been decorated with stickers, posters and banners of the candidates. The small broachers and cards of the candidates were scattered everywhere in and outside the bar rooms. Meanwhile, very good system of voting was observed as the whole process of voting was being monitoring through cameras. No bar member was allowed to enter into the election places without CNIC card.

 High Security arraignments were observed on the occasion. Heavy police contingents were deployed on all main gates of the Lahore High Court and bar gates. Traditional zeal and fervor was observed. The bar members enjoyed Election Day. Every member was looking excited and happy.  Long queues of members were seen on entry and exit points of the bar who were requesting fellow lawyers to support and vote candidates of their choice.  

 After marking victory, the winning candidate Rana Zia said he  would work for the welfare of the lawyers’ community and play his due role for the positive relation of bar and bench in his tenure. He said he believed in supremacy of law and would continue his struggle in this regard. The supporter lawyers lifted him on their shoulders and garlanded him.