MIRPUR (AJK): The Kashmir Orphan Educational Complex for orphans, shelter-less and poverty-stricken children, described to be the biggest in the South Asia, will be inaugurated in Mirpur in April this year.

According to the Kashmir Orphans Relief Trust (KORT), an NGO, the multipurpose complex, built at a cost of Rs280 million, is the largest rehabilitation centre in the South Asia. The KORT headed by a UK-based philanthropist and social worker Ch Muhammad Akhtar, has built the complex on self-help basis with the generous donations by UK-based Pakistani and Kashmiri expatriates and local philanthropists”, Muhammad Shakeel, the spokesperson for the KORT said. Briefing the media, he said that the state-of-the-art KORT Educational Complex has been constructed over 12.5 acres of land at Jarri Kass near Khaliqabad, on the outskirts of the Mirpur city.

The grand complex also houses big mosque where at least 1,500 worshipers can offer prayers. Shifting of over 200 orphans, currently housed in the existing KORT Housing-cum-educational Centre on Hall Road in Mirpur, to the new complex will start from Saturday (today), the spokesperson informed.

The AJK government had allotted the land for the complex, where modern facilities to house at least 1,000 orphans have been made available, Shakeel revealed. A UK-based Mirpur-origin Kashmiri expatriate Ch Akhtar established KORT on self-help basis with the donations of Kashmiri Diaspora in Britain..–Staff Reporter

Kites fly high in Kamalia despite ban

KAMALIA: The ban on kite-flying and use of metallic strings is being openly violated in the city and suburban areas, exposing the tall claims of the police.

The residents of the city have expressed concern over the kite-flying and use of metallic strings in stark violation of the ban. They said the police seem to have shut their eyes on kites flying in several areas of the city.

They said that sale of kites in different parts of the city continues and people can be seen flying kites on rooftops.

Fatehullah, a resident of the old city area, told that kites could be seen flying in many areas, especially on Sundays, adding that the administration has failed to implement the ban. The citizens demanded of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and the district government to strictly implement the ban on kite-flying to protect precious lives.–Staff Reporter

On the other hand, DSP Rana Khalid Rashid claimed to have arrested many persons on charge of kite-flying. The police would continue campaign against the kite-flying and sale of the kites and twines, he claimed.