If one can review the previous week on world level and critically analyses the situation, he might come up with the conclusion that there is a total disagreement between the super power America and the other western nations especially Canada. As a student of science, I conclude it as an antagonistic effect of the two sides. Donald trump placed a travel ban on 7 Muslims majority countries and entitled them as a national security threat. On the other side, there was the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who came up with the message of peace and harmony. He showed sympathy towards the affected Muslims. 

It is very interesting to see how these two opinions are opposite in their nature such as the movement of our muscles. In order to stretch the arm, triceps have to contract while biceps need to relax on the same time. 

Soon after Donald Trump held the office, he announced that he would eradicate Islamic terrorism. While Canada’s PM announced the mosque incident in the city of Quebec as the act of terrorism against a religion i.e. Islam. This all happened in the recent era which gave us a feeling that we need to understand the changing scenarios in the upper arena. It is the need of time to stand united against all odds and not to let anyone exploit us. 


Islamabad, February 4.