DADU -  Hundreds of residents of Soorajabad, Ghareebabad, Jagatabad and Shahani Muhalla staged a demonstration against unscheduled power loadsheding on City Road on Sunday.

The protesters put up hurdles and blocked traffic at the main square of the city. They raised slogans against Hesco officials and warned that their protest would continue till restoration of the power supply to their localities. They said that they had been without power for the several hours. They said that Hesco official were deliberately doing loadsheding and issuing inflated bills to cover the line losses. They said that loadshedding had also affected water supply to their localities. They urged the government to take notice of the situation and ensure supply of power to their localities.

Local notables Dr Abdul Jabbar Babar, Ghulam Abbas Vighio and Syed Mohammad Hashim Shah led the protest demonstration.