RAHIM YAR KHAN-The new ring pit method of sugarcane cultivation will enhance the per acre yield and benefit over 80 percent small farmers of the country, as per an expert.

Deputy Director Agriculture (Extension) Rahim Yar Khan Imtiaz Ahmed while harvesting the first experimental farm of sugarcane at Qadirabad near national highway, said that maximum farmers of Rahim Yar Khan were using old methods of sugarcane cultivation due to which they were getting only 800 maund per acre yield after consuming huge quantity of irrigation water. But the new ring pit method of sugarcane sowing with drip irrigation will not only increase the per acre yield to 3,000 maund and save the huge quantity of irrigation water.

He said that he will recommend the government to provide the agriculture tools on 50 percent subsidised rates for the farmers for ring pit method of sugarcane plantation. He appreciated the method expert Irfanullah Khan for introducing the method in Pakistan since 2010 which could increase the sugarcane recovery (sugar content) up to (.5) unit. Expert Irfanullah Khan delivered the presentation by demonstrating different benefits of the method.

He said that by following the method not only sugarcane production will increase but the agriculture land for cotton will also be available. More than 100 farmers including general managers of three sugar mills attended the activity.