It is unfortunate that Turbat, the second largest city of Balochistan does not have any schools for orphans. The orphaned children are wasting their time picking up garbage and roaming street to street to beg and sleep. During 2000, a school was established for the orphaned and it functioned in a great way and supported them to make their own career. Unfortunately, the school is completely damaged and not functioning now.  

The government is not willing to work for the school and the individuals who have studied in the same school and made their own career have neglected it. Due to the school they have created their own career, so it is their foremost responsibility to establish more schools in the city, but they have forgotten about the small orphaned children whose futures are totally in the dark. The responsibility also goes to the government to establish school for the orphaned, but government is left them to die. I request the Chief Minister Sanaullah Zehri to establish schools for the orphaned and make their future bright. 


Turbat, February 3.