LAHORE - A veteran PPP leader and one of the founding members of the party, Altaf Qureshi yesterday supported Bakhtawar Bhutto and Aseefa on their stand against the anticipated joining of the party by Irfanullah Marwat, the former interior minister of Sindh.

In a statement, he said that Marwat was an outlaw who had no place in the PPP. Qureshi further stated that memories of his atrocities against the PPP workers were still alive in their minds and they would never accept him in the party fold. He hoped that top party leadership would review its decision. Irfanullah Marwat’s meeting with the PPP-P president Asif Ali Zardari a couple of days back came as a shock for most of the party leaders and activists. Though there was no formal announcement of his joining the PPP, the meeting gave rise to speculations that he was going to join the party soon.

Following the tweets by Bakhtawar and Aseefa, most of the party leaders are shying away from commenting on the development.

Marwat himself said yesterday that Asif Zardari’s daughters have been misled by a PPP Senator to issue statements against him. He also said that he had met Asif Zardari several times in the past before this meeting.