I always ran away from doctors and whenever I got sick I self-medicated. One day I had such a bad headache that I was helpless and I knew I needed a doctor. Since I couldn’t drive on my own because I was unwell, I resorted to calling Aman Tele-health. I was immediately connected to a nurse who asked me a few questions and redirected me to a doctor.  

After patiently listening to me, the doctor told me that it was because of an allergy that I had. The medicine that I had been taking was aggravating the headache and that I should immediately stop taking it as it could have an adverse effect on my liver. He patiently explained all the complications that could be involved and that I should take it very seriously. I was also asked to run a few tests and visit a specialist. Such immediate help was very helpful as they guided me appropriately. To my surprise I also got a follow-up call from them asking me about my condition and whether I had seen a specialist.  

Such services are really needed in our country especially for those who live in remote areas or do not have the resources to visit a doctor as at least Over the counter drugs can be prescribed to them and they can be directed to the appropriate doctor. 


Karachi, February 3.