VEHARI-MNA Asif Saeed Manais appealed to all religious and political parties to shun petty differences and join forces to eliminate terrorism from the country.

Talking to media, he pointed out that enemies of Pakistan want to create unrest and chaos, adding only the government cannot handle the grave situation without public assistance. On the occasion, the lawmaker reaffirmed the pledge to foil nefarious designs of the enemy.

He said that Islam is the religion of peace and love but some extremists are misguiding the youth in the name of Islam. “Islam has always given us the lesson of love and respect for all human beings,” he pointed out. Later, Mr Manias offered fateha for the martyrs of the Sehwan Sharif blast.

Official advised to ensure

tax recovery target

The district administration ordered the revenue officials to work hard for achieving revenue target and do not show slackness in this regard.

Chairing a meeting held here to review recovery target, DC Ali Akbar Bhatti threw light on the progress made so far. He said that recovery target in the head of stamp duty was set Rs331 million of which only Rs8.3 million could be collected so far. Similarly, Rs430 million was set as target in the head of land revenue tax, out of which Rs210 million could be collected. Moreover, Rs10.6 million could be collected in the head of agricultural income tax out of set target of Rs330 million. He advised the officials to deal with the public politely in their offices.

Vehari AC Syed Asif Hussain Shah, AC SNA Khurram Saleem and all revenue officials attended the meeting.