CDA retrieves land from encroachers in G-12

2018-02-27T00:40:37+05:00 Tahir Niaz

Islamabad - The enforcement teams of the Capital Development Authority on Monday carried out operation against encroachments along the Kashmir Highway in sector G-12 to clear the Right of Way.

However, the staff spared the marquees, showrooms and hotels during the encroachment drive. The rules and regulations for the wedding halls are being drafted on the directions of the Supreme Court.

Four illegally-built rooms, a hall, and a restaurant were demolished besides other encroachments to retrieve around 5 kanals of the state land. The encroachers were earlier issued notices to clear the Right of Way voluntarily.

The Authority has 300-feet wide acquired land on both sides of the Kashmir highway. Although service road can be used to reach the Kashmir Highway, the owners of the marquees and showroom have carved direct access to the highway in a clear violation of the rules.

Sometime back, CDA had installed a fence alongside the Kashmir Highway to restrict any direct access of the land grabbers and encroachers on the main road, but the marquee owners, in connivance with CDA officials cut that fence and carved direct access on the main Kashmir Highway.

The sector G-12 lacks proper planning as it does not fall under possession of CDA. Capital Development Authority had acquired the land for sector G-12 back in 1985, but the locals refused to give possession as they found the compensation money insufficient. Since then, there has been a ban on sale and purchase of land in the sector.

Construction is taking place in the sector which is a challenge for CDA as well as the ICT Administration who are facing difficulties in taking over the sector.

Taking advantage of CDA’s incapacity, the residents have raised multi-story buildings and marquees in violation of the rules.

Apart from land-grabbing, they have established illegal power connections, gas connections and even water connections directly from the water supply line. According to the existing Land Acquisition Policy of the CDA, the Authority is bound to give not only the alternate plot to these land grabbers but compensate them with cash for the built up property too — an impossible prospect.

On the other hand, the encroachers have reacted violently to any move by the CDA to dislocate them. At present, many property dealers are selling and purchasing the land in the sector without any lawful transfer of title.

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