In our society, the baseless tradition of honour killing exists even in this modern era. Rimsha Wassan was an innocent girl, and only thirteen years old. Culprits entered her house and murdered her. She belonged to Khairpur Mirs, Taluka Kot Diji, and was a student of eight class. In Sindh, earlier cases of murder include those of Tania Khaskeli, Raj Kumri , and Niala Rind as well as other unidentified victims. This ruthless and brutal act is only one many. Why are politicians and the Sindh government silent? Who is the responsible for these acts? Dr. Nafisa Shah, who holds a PhD in honour killings, is also silent. There have been no seminars organized or programs conducted to spread awareness on this issue. We are requesting the Sindh government to take action and arrest all culprits, and demand justice for Rimsha Wassan and the lives of other innocent girls.


Khairpur, February 4.