“One of the good parts of the way the Gulf

War ended in 1991 is that you’d see the Vietnam veterans marching with the Gulf War veterans.”

–George H. W. Bush


On 27th Feb 1991, US President George H. W. Bush announced that “Kuwait is liberated”, indicating the end of the first Gulf War. The Gulf War was waged by coalition forces of 35 countries in response to Iraq’s invasion and seven-month annexation of Kuwait under Saddam Hussein. Despite Kuwait’s support to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war, the two states’ diplomatic and economic relationship had reached a deadlock after Kuwait’s reluctance to pardon a debt of 14 billion USD. Others factors included allegations on Kuwait of economic warfare and of slant-drilling for oil across the international border, while the invasion was also indicative of Iraqi interest in Kuwaiti oil reserves. Following the Gulf War on Iraqi forces launched under UN support and led by the US, Kuwait was officially liberated. During the occupation, around a 1000 Kuwaiti civilians were killed and another 1000 displaced. To date, the US maintains a strong military presence in Kuwait.