LOS ANGELES           -         Hailey Bieber won’t ‘’offend’’ a make-up artist by asking to use her own products, even though she has ‘’really sensitive’’ skin.

The 23-year-old model can be left with a painful rash if she uses something that doesn’t agree with her but rather than get a reputation for being ‘’difficult’’, she tries not to be too fussy about what gets applied to her skin when she’s working.

She told Refinery 29: ‘’My skin is ultimately really sensitive; I have used something new on set before and I go home and have a rash under my eyes. I have something called perioral dermatitis.

‘’I will wake up and have it really bad around my mouth and under my eyes. I never know what triggers it and sometimes I can’t prevent it, but I try to use things that are as clean as possible. ‘’Even if I sleep on a pillowcase at a hotel, I will wake up and have it really bad!’’

Asked if she takes her own products to set, she replied: ‘’I don’t because I don’t want to offend a makeup artist. It’s my face but it’s their painting and I never want to be that person who’s difficult, unless I know for a fact that this product makes me breakout or really gets my skin irritated.’’

Hailey - who is an ambassador for bareMinerals - has learned what are the best beauty and make-up products for her skin over the years.

She said: ‘’I always like things that you can keep in the fridge that feel cool, like collagen sheet masks.